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Luca Ingianni

Independent Consultant
Consulting Engineer
Luca Ingianni is an aeronautical engineer by trade, but somehow tumbled into IT and never found his way back out.
During more than a decade in industry, he has filled all roles embedded systems development has to offer: from specification through coding to testing and managing teams.

As an independent consulting engineer, he now focuses on helping teams get better at creating great products: by improving how they work and work together.

To this end, he provides coaching, training and advice -- usually in combination, as difficult questions tend to have more than one root.

His clients encompass all sizes of companies, from nimble five-person shops to multinational corporations.

Being an engineer, he also loves to tinker, and insists on getting his hands dirty (with code or actual machine grease) on a frequent basis.

His newest project is to join forces with an international training company to create training materials to teach specification
and verification in a DevOps context.

His greatest discovery was that engineering is what happens when engineers talk. The code they write and the differential equations they solve are mere side effects of the communication that took place beforehand.

Since has has never spoken at a conference before, he's probably a nervous wreck as you're reading this ;-)