October 31 - November 1 - Co-Located Events
October 28-30 - Conference
Lyon Convention Centre - Lyon, France
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Monday, October 28


Boot Time Memory Management - Mike Rapoport, IBM
Normally, memory allocations in kernel are done using kmalloc(), vmalloc() or their hybrid kvmalloc() functions. They all are baked by the page allocator and alloc_page() functions family. But during system boot when the most of the platform initialization code is run neither of them is available because the allocators are not yet set up.

For early memory management Linux has an allocator called `memblock` that provides the earliest abstraction of the physical memory and can be used nearly from the very beginning of the kernel execution.

This talk will cover the memblock APIs, the expectations and requirements for the architecture specific parts of the memory management setup and will wrap up with description of page allocator initialization.


Mike Rapoport

Researcher, IBM
Mike has lots of programming experience in different areas ranging from medical equipment to visual simulation, but most of all he likes hacking on Linux kernel and low level stuff. Throughout his career Mike promoted use of free and open source software and made quite a few contributions... Read More →

Monday October 28, 2019 14:25 - 15:00
Forum 2
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Tuesday, October 29


Introduction to HyperBus Memory Devices - Vignesh Raghavendra, Texas Instruments
HyperBus is a high performance 8-bit Double Data Rate bus used to connect SoCs with high performance flash devices. HyperFlash is a NOR based, Common Flash Interface (CFI) compliant HyperBus memory device. It’s increasingly replacing Parallel flashes due to faster boot time and reduced pin count. In this presentation, Vignesh will talk about the HyperBus framework he introduced recently in the Linux kernel under Memory Technology Devices (MTD) subsystem and how it supports HyperBus memory devices like HyperFlash.
The presentation introduces HyperBus protocol, CFI specification, HyperFlash and their kernel framework. It also provides an overview of how to write a new HyperBus Memory Controller Driver.
Finally the presentation talks about improvements made to CFI framework to reuse existing code in supporting HyperFlash and the challenges and problems that still need to be addressed.


Vignesh Raghavendra

Software Engineer, Texas Instruments
Vignesh is one of the maintainers of MTD subsystem in kernel and in U-Boot. He has been contributing to Linux Kernel and U-Boot since 2014 as part of Texas Instruments' Linux development team. He mainly works on storage devices such as QSPI/OSPI, UFS and also on peripherals such as... Read More →

Tuesday October 29, 2019 11:30 - 12:05
Forum 1
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