October 31 - November 1 - Co-Located Events
October 28-30 - Conference
Lyon Convention Centre - Lyon, France
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Monday, October 28


Everything Great about Upstream Graphics - Daniel Vetter, Intel
This talk will cover upstream technologies, infrastructure and driver components relevant for enabling the graphics side of an SoC: Improvements in zero-copy buffer sharing across drivers, better infrastructure for sharing driver components and some SoC specific hardware features like writeback support, self refresh panels, and more. The talk will also cover current development and what the near future will bring.

Upstream graphics has been a solid foundation on the desktop for years. This talk will show that the dream of enabling upstream first, and then shipping on Android, CrOS, genivi, ... or any other custom linux based solution can now also be achieved for SoCs and tiny embedded systems.

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Daniel Vetter

SW Engineer, Intel
Daniel Vetter is the co-maintainer of the upstream graphics subsystem, and has been maintaining the Intel graphics driver before that for a few years. Besides all the technical challenges he spent a lot of time on improving how the contributors collaborate and how the community is... Read More →

Monday October 28, 2019 12:20 - 12:55
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Tuesday, October 29


Open Source Graphics 101: Getting Started - Boris Brezillon, Collabora
GPUs are complex beasts, especially when you come from the CPU world and don't know about all those GPU-specific concepts, or what massively parallel and deeply pipelined computing implies.

Throughout this talk, we will try to give a rough overview of some basic concepts (GPU pipeline stages, shaders, ...), how they are exposed to users (APIs like OpenGL, Vulkan or DirectX) and provide some extra details about the standard open-source stack providing those APIs (Mesa).


Boris Brezillon

Software Developer, Collabora
Boris Brezillon has been contributing to the Linux DRM subsystem for several years now and recently joined the Graphics team at Collabora. His recent work has involved working on a few specific tasks around the Mesa side of the Panfrost driver for ARM Mali Midgard GPUs which led him... Read More →

Tuesday October 29, 2019 15:15 - 15:50
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Embedded Graphics Drivers in Mesa - Neil Roberts, Igalia
Users of mobile platforms are expecting more and more complex graphics on their devices. This means that taking advantage of the mobile GPUs efficiently is essential. A large part of this efficiency is dependent on the user-space drivers. Unfortunately being in user-space means that many GPU providers can get away with only providing a closed-source driver which hides a lot of the secrets needed to be efficient. This talk presents a project providing an open-source alternative including support for embedded platforms.

Mesa is the standard open-source user-space library providing an implementation of the OpenGL, GLES and Vulkan APIs on Linux platforms. It has drivers for a range of different hardware. This talk will present the project, the user-space graphics stack and the inner workings of Mesa. It will then continue to present the embedded drivers that it supports such as Freedreno for the Adreno platform, Panfrost for Mali Midgard and Bifrost GPUs and the drivers for Broadcom GPUs.


Neil Roberts

Graphics engineer, Igalia
Neil has been a Linux user and open source enthusiast for many years. He began professionally working on free software by contributing to Gnome and Clutter. He later moved further down the stack to work on the graphics drivers in Mesa. He is now proud to be continuing this work at... Read More →

Tuesday October 29, 2019 16:20 - 16:55
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