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October 31 - November 1 - Co-Located Events
October 28-30 - Conference
Lyon Convention Centre - Lyon, France
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Wednesday, October 30











Community Managers Surviving the Shift from Non-profit to For-profit Projects - Stefano Maffulli, Scality Rhone 2 DevOps for Network Engineering: Be the Cool NetDevOps Kid - Julio Gomez, Cisco Systems Rhone 1 Transitioning from an In-house Scheduler to the Kubernetes Scheduler: A Case of Cloud Foundry - Nima Kaviani & Nimesh Bhatia, IBM Salon Pasteur Building the Next Billion Creators - Samson Goddy & Peace Ojemeh, Sugar Labs St. Clair 3 Debian or Yocto Project? Which is the Best for your Embedded Linux Project? - Chris Simmonds, 2net Forum 3 Home Multimedia and Automation Systems with GStreamer - Jan Schmidt, Centricular Ltd Forum 2 Under Lock & Key: Using Hardware Protected Keys with the Linux Crypto API - Gilad, Arm Forum 1 SUSI Smart Speaker - A Completely "Personal" Smart Speaker - Sanskar Jethi, FOSSASIA Pasteur Auditorium Panel Discussion: Thoughts on Trust in Open Source - Amanda Brock, Trustable Software; Charles Schulz, Agence nationale de la sécurité des systems; McCoy Smith, Intel Corporation & Andrew Katz, Moorcrofts LLP... Rhone 3A Core-Scheduling for Virtualization: Where are We? (If We Want It!) - Dario Faggioli, SUSE Pasteur Auditorium Beaming Deep Learning with Ludwig - Suneel Marthi, AWS Amphitheatre File System Support for Zoned Block Devices - Naohiro Aota & Damien Le Moal, Western Digital Bellecour 2 An Overview of EdgeXFoundry and Where We Stand - Jeroen Mackenbach, Dell Technologies Forum 6 European Union Free and Open Source Software Auditing - Lessons Learned - Saranjit Arora & Marek Przybyszewski, European Commission - DIGIT Lumiere Auditortium The Journey of Leading Open Source Engineering Team in China - Jocelyn Li, Intel Corporation Rhone 3B Microscopic Simulation of Urban Mobility Concepts - Michael Behrisch, German Aerospace Center Tête d'Or 2 Introduction to IIO and Input Drivers - Matt Porter, Konsulko Group (Limited Seating; First-Come, First-Served Basis) Bellecour 1 An Ftrace Primer - Steven Rostedt, VMware Rhone 4 How to Make an App Enabled Embedded Linux Product that Fits in 16MB of Flash with Containers - Alexander Sack, Pantacor Bellecour 3


Community Building Best Practices: Creating Successful and Sustainable Open Source Communities - Kaitlyn Barnard, Kong Rhone 2 DigitalOcean's Use of OSS in a Fully Routed Datacenter - Carl Baldwin & Kamil Derynski, DigitalOcean Rhone 1 The State of Kubernetes Development Tooling - Ellen Körbes, Garden Salon Pasteur Bridging the Gap Between Open Source and University Students and Women - Paavini Nanda, Bloomberg St. Clair 3 Flash Subsystems Status Update - Richard Weinberger, sigma star gmbh & Miquèl Raynal, Bootlin Forum 1 iwd - State of the Union - Marcel Holtmann, Intel Corporation Forum 3 Supporting Video (de)serializers in Linux: Challenges and Works in Progress - Luca Ceresoli, AIM Sportline Forum 2 All about the Linux Kernel Mentorship Program! - Shuah Khan, The Linux Foundation Pasteur Auditorium When Should You Set Up an Open Source Foundation? - Stormy Peters, Red Hat Rhone 3A The Hype Around the RISC-V Hypervisor - Alistair Francis & Anup Patel, Western Digital Pasteur Auditorium Just Deploy It! How to Ship Your ML Model to Production - Marianna Diachuk, SynergyOne Amphitheatre Combining WrapFS and eBPF to Provide a Lightweight File System Sandboxing Framework - Ashish Bijlani, Georgia Tech Bellecour 2 Integrate ROS into EdgeX - Startover of Edge Computing System - Tiejun Chen, VMware Forum 6 Security 101 for Cloud-native Applications - Cindy Blake, GitLab Lumiere Auditortium Case Study: Moving a Large Corporate-owned Open Source Project to a Foundation - Tobie Langel, UnlockOpen LLC Rhone 3B Data-Driven Tools for Decision Makers in City Planning - Talia Kaufmann, Northeastern University/OECD Tête d'Or 2




Building Diverse Blockchain Communities for a Decentralized Future - Jocelyn Matthews, Storj Labs Rhone 2 A Journey to Open Source and Cloud Native - Peter Horst & Stefan Walther, Qlik Rhone 1 OSS Review Toolkit: Using FOSS Tools for FOSS Reviews in CI/CD World - Thomas Steenbergen, HERE Technologies Tête d'Or 2 How the Yocto Project Addressed Comcast RDK Scalability Issues - Nicolas Dechesne, Linaro & Khem Raj, Comcasrt Forum 3 The Static Check Needle in the Warnings Haystack - Frank Rowand, Sony Forum 1 tpm2-software.github.io - Enabling the TPM2.0 Ecosystem in Linux - Peter Huewe, Infineon Technologies AG Forum 2 BoF: LF Energy - Jeffrey Osier-Mixon, The Linux Foundation Pasteur Auditorium Creating a Virtuous Cycle of Running Code Across your APIs - Charles Eckel, Cisco Systems Rhone 3A VirtIO without the Virt - Towards Implementations in Hardware - Michael Tsirkin, Red Hat Pasteur Auditorium Taking Full Advantage of NVME SSDs by Optimizing Page Cache Performance - Christopher Lameter, Jump Trading LLC Bellecour 3 Running Linux on Constrained IOT Device - Rui Silva, Linaro & Tushar Khandelwal, Arm Ltd. Forum 6 Firmware Security Methodologies from A to Z - Shyam Saini & Jagan Teki, Amarula Solutions Lumiere Auditortium Business Models & Open Source Licenses in 2019: Can We All Get Along? - Jeffrey Borek, IBM & Stephen Walli, Microsoft Rhone 3B Introduction to the Buildroot Embedded Linux Build System - Thomas Petazzoni, Bootlin (Limited Seating; First-Come, First-Served Basis) Bellecour 1 Panel Discussion: Open Mainframe Project: Training the Next Gen Mainframers - Open Mainframe Project Interns and Moderated by John Mertic, The Linux Foundation Pasteur Auditorium Natural Language Processing with Deep Learning and TensorFlow - Barbara Fusinska, Google Amphitheatre Firewalls with NFtables - John Hawley, VMware Rhone 4 Opening the Echo Chamber: Inclusivity in the Real World - Laura Hilliger, Open Organization St. Clair 3 Practical OpenHPC: Cluster Management, HPC Applications, Containers and Cloud - Adrian Reber, Red Hat Bellecour 2





Rallying, Marketing, and Communicating - Open Source Project Magic - Kim McMahon, Cloud Native Computing Foundation & Jonas Rosland, VMware Rhone 2 Build and Operate a Multi-tenants Cloud Object Storage Service for Enterprise Private Cloud - Canh Ngo, KPN Rhone 1 How Kubernetes Scheduler Works - Himani Agrawal, GOJEK Salon Pasteur Decentralizing OAuth2.0 for a Post-GDPR World - Mehdi Medjaoui, Progressive Identity Tête d'Or 2 Authenticated and Encrypted Storage on Embedded Linux - Jan Lübbe, Pengutronix e.K. Forum 1 Formal Verification Made Easy (and fast!) - Daniel Bristot de Oliveira, Red Hat Forum 2 The Japanese System of Community in Business and Hobby - A Comparison with Open Source Communities - Carsten Meskes, credativ Rhone 3A KVMstat and Beyond - Past, Present and Future of Performance Monitoring - Christian Bornträger, IBM Pasteur Auditorium The State of Production Machine Learning in 2019 - Alejandro Saucedo, The Institute for Ethical AI & Machine Learning Amphitheatre Best of Both Worlds: Building a Linux/Android Hybrid - Bernhard "Bero" Rosenkränzer, LinDev Bellecour 3 Securely Store IOT Edge Data with IPFS and Distributed Ledger - Trevor Conn, Dell Technologies Pasteur Auditorium Understanding Machine Learning and Smart IoT with "Rock-Paper-Scissors Machine" - Kaz Sato, Google Forum 6 Xvisor: Embedded Hypervisor for RISC-V - Anup Patel, Western Digital Forum 6 How Secure is Your Edge with EdgeX? - Tingyu Zeng, Dell/RSA & Malini Bhandaru, VMware Lumiere Auditortium Crafting an Open Source Product Strategy - Dave Neary, Red Hat Rhone 3B Networking, Connecting to the World - Tim Serewicz, The Linux Foundation Rhone 4