October 31 - November 1 - Co-Located Events
October 28-30 - Conference
Lyon Convention Centre - Lyon, France
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Tuesday, October 29

11:30 CET

X-Road Joint Development – Cross-border Open Source Development Between Two Countries and Global Community - Petteri Kivimäki, Nordic Institute for Interoperability Solutions Rhone 2 Easy HTTPS for your Microservice Architectures - Julien Salleyron, Containous Bellecour 2 Stop Merging Broken Code: An Introduction to Zuul - Matthieu Huin & Fabien Boucher, Red Hat Amphitheatre Ensuring Interoperability of Large Open Source Projects, Kubernetes Conformance Certification - Srinivas Brahmaroutu & Nimesh Bhatia, IBM Bellecour 3 Introduction to HyperBus Memory Devices - Vignesh Raghavendra, Texas Instruments Forum 1 One Build to Rule Them All: Building FreeRTOS & Linux Using Yocto - Alejandro Hernandez, Xilinx Forum 3 We Need to Talk About Systemd: Boot Time Optimization for the New init daemon - Chris Simmonds, 2net Forum 2 Experiences Building a Local Open Source Community via the OpenChain Project - Hiroyuki Fukuchi, Sony Corporation Rhone 3A Using Kubeflow Pipelines for Building Machine Learning Pipelines - Yufeng Guo, Google Rhone 1 Debugging Embedded Linux Systems with GDB - Jan Altenberg, Continental Automotive GmbH Salon Pasteur NVMe/TCP for your Data Center - Orit Wasserman, Lightbits Labs Lumiere Auditortium Xvisor: Embedded Hypervisor for RISC-V - Anup Patel, Western Digital Forum 6 Open Source Collaboration and Companies: Finding the Right Balance - Dawn Foster, Pivotal Rhone 3B Walking on Hexagons: Unification of Urban Data with H3 - Isaac Brodsky & Sina Kashuk, Uber Tête d'Or 2 Introduction to Kubernetes - Martyn Ranyard, movingimage Gmbh (Limited Seating; First-Come, First-Served Basis) Tête d'Or 1 From an Idea to a Patch in the Linux Mainline - Marta Rybczynska, Independent (Limited Seating; First-Come; First-Served Basis) Bellecour 1

12:20 CET

14:25 CET

Lightning Talk: Benchmarking CALMly for Noisy Neighbor Environments - Manoj Pillai, Red Hat Amphitheatre Upgrading Your Users: How We Get Better at Developer Relations - George Miranda, PagerDuty Rhone 2 Activities of Super Long Term Support Kernel Workgroup in Civil Infrastructure Platform Project - SZ Lin (林上智), Moxa & Pavel Machek, Denx Forum 3 Integrating Hardware-accelerated Video Decoding with the Display Stack - Paul Kocialkowski, Bootlin Forum 2 Our Company and the Open Source Community: A Journey from Anxiety to Collaboration - Reto Schneider & Andreas Müller, GARDENA GmbH Forum 1 Introduction to JanusGraph - Jason Plurad, IBM Pasteur Auditorium You Mess Up, People Die: Dealing with Failure in High-risk Environments - Luca Ingianni, Independent Consultant Rhone 3A How Linux Foundation is Changing the (Machine-learning) World! - Natarajan Subramanian, Tech Mahindra Rhone 1 RISC-V Boot Process: One Step at a Time - Atish Kumar Patra, Western Digital Salon Pasteur Zephyr OS Memory Protection - Andrew Boie, Intel Corporation Forum 6 Open Source and Functional Safety: Two Approaches to Bridge the Culture Clash - Kate Stewart, The Linux Foundation Roseraie 1 & 2 Transitioning to Working in the Open - Marion Daly, New York Times Rhone 3B Open Access to Your POI Data - Randy Meech, Streetcred Labs, Inc. Tête d'Or 2 Introduction to Linux Kernel Driver Programming - Michael Opdenacker, Bootlin (Limited Seating; First-Come, First-Served Basis) Bellecour 1 A Shell Script a Day Keeps Your Trouble Away - Harald König, Bosch Sensortec GmbH Rhone 4 Systems Tracing and Trace Visualization Lab - Geneviève Bastien, École Polytechnique de Montréal Lumiere Auditortium

14:30 CET

14:35 CET

15:15 CET

16:15 CET

16:20 CET

16:30 CET

17:10 CET


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