October 31 - November 1 - Co-Located Events
October 28-30 - Conference
Lyon Convention Centre - Lyon, France
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Tuesday, October 29

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X-Road Joint Development – Cross-border Open Source Development Between Two Countries and Global Community - Petteri Kivimäki, Nordic Institute for Interoperability Solutions Rhone 2 Easy HTTPS for your Microservice Architectures - Julien Salleyron, Containous Bellecour 2 Stop Merging Broken Code: An Introduction to Zuul - Matthieu Huin & Fabien Boucher, Red Hat Amphitheatre Ensuring Interoperability of Large Open Source Projects, Kubernetes Conformance Certification - Srinivas Brahmaroutu & Nimesh Bhatia, IBM Bellecour 3 Confessions of Unconscious Bias - Learning to Be a Better Male Ally - Guy Martin, Open@ADSK St. Clair 3 Introduction to HyperBus Memory Devices - Vignesh Raghavendra, Texas Instruments Forum 1 One Build to Rule Them All: Building FreeRTOS & Linux Using Yocto - Alejandro Hernandez, Xilinx Forum 3 We Need to Talk About Systemd: Boot Time Optimization for the New init daemon - Chris Simmonds, 2net Forum 2 Panel Discussion: The Confidential Computing Consortium – State and Status - Mike Bursell, Red Hat; Dr. Richard Searle, Fortanix; Stefan Deml, decentriq; Philippe Robin, Arm and Moderated by Hengameh James, Intel... Pasteur Auditorium Experiences Building a Local Open Source Community via the OpenChain Project - Hiroyuki Fukuchi, Sony Corporation Rhone 3A Using Kubeflow Pipelines for Building Machine Learning Pipelines - Yufeng Guo, Google Rhone 1 Debugging Embedded Linux Systems with GDB - Jan Altenberg, Continental Automotive GmbH Salon Pasteur NVMe/TCP for your Data Center - Orit Wasserman, Lightbits Labs Lumiere Auditortium Xvisor: Embedded Hypervisor for RISC-V - Anup Patel, Western Digital Forum 6 ELISA: Enabling Linux in Safety Applications - Priyanka Viswanthan, Arm & Jochen Kall, ITK Engineering Roseraie 1 & 2 Open Source Collaboration and Companies: Finding the Right Balance - Dawn Foster, Pivotal Rhone 3B Walking on Hexagons: Unification of Urban Data with H3 - Isaac Brodsky & Sina Kashuk, Uber Tête d'Or 2 Introduction to Kubernetes - Martyn Ranyard, movingimage Gmbh (Limited Seating; First-Come, First-Served Basis) Tête d'Or 1 From an Idea to a Patch in the Linux Mainline - Marta Rybczynska, Independent (Limited Seating; First-Come; First-Served Basis) Bellecour 1 Install is Complete..What's Next? - Thomas King, Tom King Communications Rhone 4

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Lightning Talk: Benchmarking CALMly for Noisy Neighbor Environments - Manoj Pillai, Red Hat Amphitheatre Upgrading Your Users: How We Get Better at Developer Relations - George Miranda, PagerDuty Rhone 2 Implementing Zero Trust Network on Kubernetes - Dejan Strbad, Ascalia Ltd Bellecour 2 Activities of Super Long Term Support Kernel Workgroup in Civil Infrastructure Platform Project - SZ Lin (林上智), Moxa & Pavel Machek, Denx Forum 3 Integrating Hardware-accelerated Video Decoding with the Display Stack - Paul Kocialkowski, Bootlin Forum 2 Our Company and the Open Source Community: A Journey from Anxiety to Collaboration - Reto Schneider & Andreas Müller, GARDENA GmbH Forum 1 Introduction to JanusGraph - Jason Plurad, IBM Pasteur Auditorium You Mess Up, People Die: Dealing with Failure in High-risk Environments - Luca Ingianni, Independent Consultant Rhone 3A How Linux Foundation is Changing the (Machine-learning) World! - Natarajan Subramanian, Tech Mahindra Rhone 1 RISC-V Boot Process: One Step at a Time - Atish Kumar Patra, Western Digital Salon Pasteur Zephyr OS Memory Protection - Andrew Boie, Intel Corporation Forum 6 Open Source and Functional Safety: Two Approaches to Bridge the Culture Clash - Kate Stewart, The Linux Foundation Roseraie 1 & 2 The State of Open-Source Security - Liran Tal, Snyk Bellecour 3 Transitioning to Working in the Open - Marion Daly, New York Times Rhone 3B Open Access to Your POI Data - Randy Meech, Streetcred Labs, Inc. Tête d'Or 2 Introduction to Kubernetes Operators and the Operator Framework - Matt Dorn & Michael Hrivnak, Red Hat (Limited Seating; First-Come, First-Served Basis) Tête d'Or 1 Introduction to Linux Kernel Driver Programming - Michael Opdenacker, Bootlin (Limited Seating; First-Come, First-Served Basis) Bellecour 1 A Shell Script a Day Keeps Your Trouble Away - Harald König, Bosch Sensortec GmbH Rhone 4 Systems Tracing and Trace Visualization Lab - Geneviève Bastien, École Polytechnique de Montréal Lumiere Auditortium Speed Networking & Mentoring (Pre-registration Required) St. Clair 3

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How Did Automotive Grade Linux become THE Open Source Community Cars? - Walt Miner, The Linux Foundation Rhone 2 Building Multi-faceted Event-based Systems using CloudEvents - Luc Perkins, Cloud Native Computing Foundation Amphitheatre Securing your Containerized Applications in Kubernetes: A Primer - Phil Estes, IBM Cloud Bellecour 2 Behind the Scenes of an Update Framework: RAUC - Enrico Jörns, Pengutronix e.K. Forum 3 Open Source Graphics 101: Getting Started - Boris Brezillon, Collabora Forum 1 The First Stable libcamera Release: A Call for Public API Review - Jacopo Mondi, Independent Forum 2 Academy Software Foundation: Enabling Open Source Across the Motion Picture Industry - Guy Martin, Autodesk Pasteur Auditorium Opening up the Swedish Labour Market Through Cross-sector Collaboration - Johan Linåker, Lund University & Jonas Södergren, Swedish Public Employment Service Rhone 3A OpenSource AIOps - How to Kickstart your Journey - Marcel Hild, Red Hat Rhone 1 The Linux Capabilities Model - Michael Kerrisk, man7.org Training and Consulting Salon Pasteur A Dive into Zephyr Device Driver Model - Tomasz Bursztyka, Intel Corporation Forum 6 S2OPC, a Secure and Open-source OPC UA Implementation - Vincent Lacroix, Systerel & Charles Schulz, ANSSI Bellecour 3 The Road to Safety Certification: Overcoming Community Challenges to Enable Safety Certification - Lars Kurth, Citrix / Xen Project Roseraie 1 & 2 Case Study: When the Open Source Program Office is Responsible for Innovation - Mark Gisi, Wind River Rhone 3B Open Source Projects to Live long and Prosper: Linux for Smart Infrastructure and Industry - Yoshitake Kobayashi, Toshiba Corporation & Urs Gleim, Siemens AG Tête d'Or 2

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Lightning Talk: An ARM Based System to Monitor Server Farms Using Grafana - Sumit Lalwani & Shivesh Abhishek, MayaData Inc. Pasteur Auditorium Sourcelift and How We Care about Open Source - Jona Azizaj, Kiwi.com Rhone 2 Learning Automation without Barriers using Antidote and NRE Labs - Matt Oswalt, Juniper Networks Bellecour 2 Waiting and Idling: An Anatomy of the Virtual Processor - Bandan Das, Red Hat Amphitheatre Beyond Inclusion: Growing Diverse Communities and Companies - Kris Bondi, LogDNA Rhone 3A Finding Diversity, Tales From a Founder who Stopped Fitting in and Found Purpose. - Sandee Kastrul, i.c.stars St. Clair 3 Embedded Graphics Drivers in Mesa - Neil Roberts, Igalia Forum 3 Panel Discussion: Building Safe Systems with Open-Source Software - Kate Stewart, The Linux Foundation; Nicole Pappler, TÜV SÜD Product Service GmbH; Shaun Mooney, Codethink Ltd.; Christopher Temple, Arm Germany... Lumiere Auditortium RPMsg to Accelerate Transition Between Multi-SoC and Multi-processor SoC Solutions - Loïc Pallardy & Arnaud Pouliquen, STMicroelectronics Forum 2 Stress Testing and Micro Benchmarking Kernels with Stress-ng - Colin Ian King, Canonical Forum 1 Just Deploy It! How to Ship Your ML Model to Production - Marianna Diachuk, Women Who Code Kyiv Rhone 1 Advanced Testing using UserModeLinux - Richard Weinberger, sigma star gmbh Bellecour 3 Kernel Documentation: What We Have and Where We're Going - Jonathan Corbet, LWN.net Salon Pasteur Writing Your Own Gadget with Zephyr OS - Andrei Emeltchenko, Intel Forum 6 Catch the Uncatchable Bugs with Property Based Testing - Łukasz Skotarek, Independent Roseraie 1 & 2 Open Sourcing Your Enterprise - Matt Asay, Amazon Web Services Rhone 3B Introduction to GPIOs and libgpio - Behan Webster, Converse in Code Inc (Limited Seating; First-Come, First-Served Basis) Bellecour 1 Introduction to Systemd - Lee Elston, The Linux Foundation Rhone 4

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Let's Talk about Open Source Collaboration for Data Management and Storage - Steven Tan, Futurewei Rhone 2 Autonomous Multi-Cloud Application Deployment and Optimized Management Using Open Source Frameworks - Marta Różańska, 7bulls.com & Geir Horn, University in Oslo Bellecour 2 Configuring CI to Maximise Developer Velocity - Paul Albertella, Codethink Amphitheatre Winning Together: By Working Together to Pull Everyone Up, We Can All Win - Janice Levenhagen-Seeley, ChickTech St. Clair 3 Customize Real-Time Linux for Rocket Flight Control System - George Kang, Advanced Rocket Research Center, Taiwan Forum 2 Enabling Linux Usage in Space Applications - Antoine Certain, Airbus Defence and Space Forum 1 RTC Subsystem, Recent Changes and Where it is Heading - Alexandre Belloni, Bootlin Forum 3 Open Source Meets Mainframe - Zowe, Security, and Open Infrastructure - Jiri Aichler, Broadcom Pasteur Auditorium How to Start Contributing to Open Source - Piotr Gaczkowski, Toptal Rhone 3A GNES: An Opensource Generic Neural Elastic Search Framework for Searching Everything - Dr. Han Xiao, Tencent AI Lab Rhone 1 Device Tree: Past, Present, and Future - Neil Armstrong, BayLibre Lumiere Auditortium KernelShark is Now Faster and Stronger and Dives Deeper - Yordan Karadzhov, VMware Salon Pasteur Building a Debug Probe with the Zephyr RTOS - Johann Fischer, PHYTEC Messtechnik GmbH, Germany Forum 6 Exploiting Buffer Overflows on RISC-V - Christina Quast, Independent Bellecour 3 Security in Smart Vehicle - Loy Theophile, KNG Network Roseraie 1 & 2 Starting and Scaling an Open Source Office: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly - Thomas Steenbergen , HERE Technologies Rhone 3B Design an Open Geo-analytics Toolset for Data-driven Urbanism - Shan He, Uber Tête d'Or 2

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